Friday, February 12, 2010

The Devolving of "Christian" Music

The theory of evolultion claims that living beings adapt and change in order to survive and thrive in their environments. This means that new information would have to be added to the genetic structure of such living beings for new improvements to occur. We actually observe the opposite. Genetic information is being lost and corrupted over time, not added to or improved. The same seems to hold true for so-called "Christian" music. The highness of praising God has been lost by catchy pop hooks and phrases. Remove the music, and the lyrics oftentimes seem bizarre. Toby Mac just released his new album Tonight. Going by the few songs that I have heard, there is little here that lifts high the name of Christ. I will post here the lyrics to the song Funky Jesus Music. How much of this is magnifying the great worth of Christ? And once you finish with that, head over to DefCon's blog and take their "Sacred or Secular" quiz.

Rock, rock
Give me that rock
That hip, that rock
Give me that funky

Yo stick it in red
We got the cred
No need to say what’s already been said
Don’t need to please
When we got the proof
We be on our knees
When we raise the roof
‘Cause we got the
Wow pow mix of flavor
We got the funky Jesus blazer
No equal
Diverse people
Come get it now
Won’t be a sequel

None of that mumbo jumbo
Give me that hip hop funk soul
Give me that funky Jesus music
Give me that soulful gumbo

Give me that funky
Funky Jesus Music
Give me that hip, that rock, that funky soul
Give me that juicy flow
Give me that funky
Funky Jesus Music
Give me that hip, that rock, that funky soul
And watch this party grow
Let’s go

Look at them freaks, they fashion loud
Makin’ that hotness, movin’ that crowd
Bumpin’ that jump with a life injection
Sweet to the ears like the candy section
Hits to the eyes
Feels so fly
Fashion that just won’t subside
We got this winner’s ball
So check it out
Gonna’ watch ‘em fall
We’re goin’ back
We’re goin’ way back

From coast to coast
This is the most
We got beats and rhymes
And aftershows
We got funky people on the highs and lows
MC’s like Wiggy they call us pros
So, sure shot, I could take stock of this
I’ll play the post in the b-boy bliss
See, we bum rush with no discussion
A red hot show with freak production


  1. Spiritually worthless and "hip" around 1992. That's a pretty big failure. I haven't listened to Christian pop radio in years because, though some of it is good, there's too much sifting to do anymore.

  2. I wrote a blog a while back on "Christian" singers covering secular songs
    I very rarely listen to "Christian" radio anymore because of songs like TobyMacs. The one that grates on my nerves most is Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman, closely followed by Butterfly Kisses. These songs are not Chrsitian songs, maybe by Christian artists, but should not be played on a station that is to exhalt Christ, not a relationship with a child.

    I guess the biggest eye opener to me was Family Force 5. God used them to show me how worldly "Christian" singers have become. It's all part of the PoMo mindset that says we must become relevent to reach people, instead of proclaiming the Word in truth. But you know me... I have so many issues they have become subscriptions. (which is another blog post of mine )

  3. Here's a quote from TobyMac about his new song "City on Our Knees"

    “City on Our Knees” is really about a moment”, say Toby. “A moment that we all come together to a place where there is no judgment, but really love. And we choose to recognize one God together. And it’s really a reminder that that moment could be right now, tonight. And in that moment judgment falls by the wayside, we choose to step across the line, whatever side we’re on. Love fills in the cracks and makes up the difference.”

    Sounds really squishy. And knowing TobyMac's and dcTalk's history of being ecumenical one has to only assume that he is speaking of different religions here and not denominations. TobyMac sings at Roman Catholic events and is a proponent for diversity. The divirsity is at first thought of as racial, but hearing him speak, hearing his lyrics and seeing whom he endorses put everyhting into a new light.