Friday, May 14, 2010

Watching God Work

As we are just days away from RTM becoming a full time ministry, my mind has been creating a blog to sort of commemorate this event. So far, I have described my journey to this point in general terms, but I would like to share some things that are a bit more personal so that you will hopefully see how God is directing us and how I am approaching ministry.

For today, however, I want to share with you some encouraging news. Yesterday was our every-other-month pastors' fellowship. It is an outreach of Real Truth Matters where pastors come, enjoy a wonderful meal, are served lovingly and graciously, and are ministered to through the word and prayer. Our desire is to see these meetings become places where they can take off their masks (pastors are perhaps the worst about putting on masks and hiding their hurts and struggles) and become real with one another. Through this transparency, the grace of God flows and true ministry takes place toward those who are usually expected to do the ministering.

We have seen this take place on several occasions. Yesterday was no exception. Brother Mike Morrow shared with the men the idols that can creep into a pastor's life and cause that man to lay aside the most important aspect of his own life; his walk and experience with Christ.

I was certainly blessed to see the pastors take it to heart and open up to one another. At the end, we spend time in prayer . . . real prayer . . . for one another. Several of the pastors enthusiastically and repeatedly said, "Don't stop having these meetings. I need this!" A couple of them, once the meeting was over, asked, "What do I do til the next meeting? I need this more often!"
Ministry to pastors is, I believe, a vital role that God has for RTM. Pastors are expected to give, give, give to others, but who ministers to them? Praise God I have seen them ministered to over the past year or so.

Then, I got a phone call from Brother Michael last night. He told me that he had received an email from a pastor in Alabama who had watched our promo video on Vimeo. The video features four testimonies from false converts whom God graciously saved. The pastor also looked at some of the videos from our 2009 conference.

He is going to order the 2009 conference DVD set, and he, along with others in the church, are going to study them this summer! A couple of weeks ago, when we sat down to decide what our first tasks should be when RTM goes full time, we decided to explore taking the conference messages, breaking them down into smaller chunks, creating a study guide, and offering this to the public and churches to do exactly what this pastor is going to do with them! How amazing is our God?

Well, these are the things that the Lord has placed in our path, and, as a follower and supporter of RTM, I wanted you to be aware of the work that is already taking place. Pray for RTM and those whom RTM will minister to. Pray about supporting the work of RTM. There were just a few people ministering directly to those pastors yesterday, but those few could not have ministered if countless others had not been obedient to God before that day.

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