Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RTM goes full time in less than three weeks!

As you have probably already heard, there are some exciting changes coming at Real Truth Matters. The ministry will officially be going full time on May 17, less than three weeks away. Details on how we reached this critical decision were outlined in our blog and a video now featured on our home page.

As the date rapidly approaches, we are excited about the work to come. Real Truth Matters exists to promote a return to New Testament Christianity by promoting the pursuit of Jesus Christ as the Gospel. So much of what we hear today is a man-centered theology based on what God can do for us. We believe that God is radically Christ-centered, and He points us to be as well. Yet in His amazing plan, when we are radically Christ-centered, we attain our greatest joy. This is what we pray Real Truth Matters will do: cause men and women to become so fascinated with all God is in Christ that they then live outside of themselves thus magnifying the worth of Christ by being completely satisfied in Him.

Some of our first tasks include producing a video series and teaching tools based on the core messages that came from our 2008 & 2009 conferences.

We are also continuing to improve and utilize the RTM website where we produce weekly teaching that cuts across many topics but always points listeners and viewers back to the pursuit of Christ.

We are also improving the magazine The Expositor while looking toward newer and broader venues in the world of magazine publishing.

In the ever growing area of online, social applications, we will be producing short films which can be easily shared that will drive home correct teaching in ways that will impact the viewer. We do this by utilizing sites such as Youtube and Facebook.

RTM also ministers directly to pastors and church leaders by providing them with networking and support, training, and ongoing encouragement and refreshing. In the future, we look forward to training men for new works in a more comprehensive, educational setting.

We will also work to support churches and other ministries in their endeavors to preach the gospel by assisting in audio/visual equipment set up/consultation/training, print design and layout for tracts and other printed materials, and website design.

Much of this work has already been taking place, but it has only trickled out due to our volunteer staff working only when time allows. With a full time staff, we will now have the time to dedicate to our full attention to our mission.

To accomplish this, we are relying on the same God who called us to this work to supply our needs. It takes money to support a staff, purchase and maintain equipment, and do the day to day work of RTM. We do not mention money and support of RTM ashamedly or with fear. Money is used by God to teach us many things as we see in the series Living Priorities – Living in Light of Eternity found under the Stewardship header on our topical index.

Both you and Real Truth Matters learn more about God and eternal values, and are brought closer to Him by learning what it truly means to be a steward. We do not take that lightly. God uses you and us together to accomplish this work. We do need your support as the Lord so leads.
We also want to hear from you! Let us know how RTM can serve you in your ministry. As believers, we are all ministers of Christ, and we want to serve you in the work in which He has called you.

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