Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thank You and A Prayer Request

By S. Michael Durham

The conference has come and gone. I want to thank all of you who attended. I pray the time invested has and will reap rich dividends for you. Most of all I want to thank the RTM staff and the many volunteers who tirelessly worked to make the conference possible. As the speaker I realize I take on the face of Real Truth Matters. But I also realize that without men and women, like Justin Reed, J. T. Crawford, Bobby and Tina Scott, Joseph Durham, and Jeff Guill I would have not the ability to speak to as many of you as I do. Thank you guys for a job well done! You are the greatest blessing of RTM to me.

Truthfully, we were disappointed that half of those registered for the conference did not make it to the conference. But the “Concert for Truth” for the youth made up for our disappointment. Over a 110 young people were there thanks to the encouragement of their youth pastors. It was amazing to watch the power of God mesmerize the students so that they were not only extremely attentive but moved as they heard the word of God. Even adults confessed to having been convicted and challenged.

Please pray for this ministry. Now that the conference is over, it time for us to seek the face of God and hear what His will is for us. We will be praying for leadership from the Spirit as to what we are to do in the next few months, if anything. We refuse to do what we deem best. We truly desire to obey the commands of the Master. A slave’s only task is to listen and obey. It is the responsibility of the Master to direct. Join us as we pray to hear and do all that the Master, the Real Truth that matters, the Lord Jesus Christ commands.

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