Saturday, January 10, 2009

We need you!

Real Truth Matters is looking forward to what God can do in 2009! We are praying that God will use and grow this ministry to spread His glory to all men.

There are many things in the works right now, but the website remains the central focus and the constant throughout God’s activities through RTM. And we want this ministry to be interactive. You hear much from us, but we want to hear much from you! Not only is your response and reaction a confirmation of God’s work, but it is also a great encouragement to everyone involved.

If you read this blog, please leave comments if you feel led to. This is a place to discuss the issues and topics presented here. If you read this blog entry, leave a comment to let us know you are out there! We want to use God’s resources wisely and move in the paths he has laid for us.

1 comment:

  1. Brothers, I understand the struggles of trying to communicate real truth. We share your passion. May God bless you and keep you steadfast and immovable in your love of His Gospel.
    Scott Lee (and Rockport Baptist Church)